Processing position error on process

so the problem is on my machine when I make an NC program the example toolpath is correct according to the shape and line. but when it comes to reality on the machine the starting point is different

but when it on real machine the point is different it start above the body, but on the fusion it start straight on body

@Tyo_Camel are you using work offsets to set your WCS origin on the machine? Or are you programming around the center of rotation?

me using around the center of the body

until now im still confuse and i has tried 3 times, and it stil have gaps

Is the B-Table offset the same for the real machine and your CAD/CAM application?

how to check and change it??

Is your machine using our Kinetic Control software? If it is, you will not need to know your B-table offset but you will need to set your work offsets correctly.

If you are setting work offsets by touching your tool off to stock material, make sure you account for the tool’s radius. What you are seeing could be the result of not accounting for the tool’s radius when setting the Y axis work offset.

I do check the tool radius, but can you help me to solve with sone tutor pics ??

It is hard to help you, if you do not tell us, what you do…
a) which software you are using?
b) are you using work offsets?
c) how you define them?
d) did you read the documentation ? e.g.:

i use fusion 360 and then after try those setting on the document. when i setting the Y work offset the distance is getting farther where the body is farther down after I set the Y work Offset

@Tyo_Camel can you please share a screenshot of your user interface? The serial number of your machine may also be helpful.

this is wheni set the Y work Offset, but after i run the program the body going farther down

My serial Number is 1387

@Tyo_Camel thanks for the pictures.

You are using our legacy software so you will not be able to set and properly use Work Offsets unless your machine has software version 4.8.1. This can be checked by going to Conf. > Version and then scrolling in the software version box until you find the version that has a grey bar. To update you can follow these directions.

Even if you have your machine up to date, you will still only be able to use work offsets if you are using 3+2 machining and have Rotated Work Offsets enabled in your post processor.

You will not be able to use work offsets if any of your toolpaths are multi-axis (swarf, rotary, etc.) since those require TCPC, which is only available on Kinetic Control (our new control software).

However, none of this applies if your part is programmed around the machine’s center of rotation (the B-table offset). This would mean that, in your CAM software, your Setup’s WCS origin is set to the B-table offset sketch that is part of the vise model we provide. If that is the case then you need to get rid of all work offsets by clicking on the “G54” icon in the work offsets section and selecting “Remove all offsets”.

Feel free to upload your Fusion 360 file and we can take a closer look as well.

thank you i will try it

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