Programming differences between PNC and Solo?

Do both the PocketNC and Solo use the same control software or are there different versions for each?

What sort of differences between the two can one expect when developing a post for the Solo, using the PNC post as a basis for revision?

Yes, they both use the same control software. The biggest difference between the two is the the Solo is a BC rotary configuration whereas the Pocket NC is an AB configuration.

John - thanks for the quick response. Could modifying a PNC post to work with a Solo be potentially as simple as adjusting for the different travels, spindle speed, axis feed rates, and swapping an A move in the PNC post to a B move in the Solo post and a B move to a a C move? I realize that even if so, some extensive testing would be required.

No, I wouldn’t expect simply switching A moves to B moves and B moves to C moves to work. The A axis is a rotation about the X axis, the B axis is a rotation about the Y axis and the C axis is a rotation about the Z axis. Simply swapping them wouldn’t result in the desired movements.

Here is some information about 5-axis kinematics if you’d like to look more into it.

What CAM software are you interested in developing a post processor for?

I was afraid of that. I’m a beginner at not only 5-axis work but post generation as well so it will probably be a steep learning curve.

I’ve been using SprutCAM for CAM on a Tormach 3-axis mill and a Tormach lathe for many years and upgrade as each new release becomes available. SprutCAM includes a post-generator and 5-axis support for the license that I bought, but the post generator is not working for (yet) in the current release and my re-seller is attempting to get that resolved. The post-generator does seem to work in earlier releases, but I don’t think that my version of those releases supports 5-axis and maybe not TCPC either so I haven’t delved into post creation too seriously yet. Still waiting for my Solo as well, but it should be shipping pretty soon, I think.