Purchase a new USB Cable - Requirements

What are the requirements for purchasing a new USB cable?
Can I purchase any cable from Amazon?
I am looking for a 6’ to 10’ cable.

Also can I plug into a non windows tablet? Anything with a browser?

The USB cable supplied with the Pocket NC has the molding trimmed down around the USB mini-B connector end to ensure a proper connection. Be aware that you might need to trim the molding on the USB cable that you purchase if it does not seat in the mini USB opening on the Pocket NC.

We have successfully connected to the Pocket NC using iPads. The only consideration is if the tablet has the appropriate USB drivers available to connect to the Pocket NC. If you experience issues connecting to the Pocket NC using a USB cable, another option is to network the Pocket NC using its ethernet port.

The recommended browsers for the Pocket NC are Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

One other thing to note with tablets is you will likely want to use a powered USB hub (one that can supply power to the tablet) if you want to avoid draining the tablet’s battery while connected to the Pocket NC over USB.