RC Dragster - Steering

Hi All,

My adventure with the v2-10 started after pushing the limits with FDM 3D printing.

The initial plan being to create a remote control 1/10 scale electric top fuel dragster. So I designed it in OnShape, printed it on a Creality Ender5 plus, loaded all the electrical components and went to make the first test run and "snap, crackle, pop". The 3d printed frame broke at the motor mounts and the front steering components also broke.

Rather than give up, I started researching CNC machines and landed on the Pocket NC as the most versatile and economical solution. Now that I am 3 months into this journey, I have learned many new skills. Fusion 360 CAD was easy to pickup since I had experience with OnShape and other platforms. CAM was completely new to me. I have learned that CAM is 1/3 learning the tool, 1/3 learning your machine, 1/3 art. It has been a challenge so far, but it is getting easier. Overall I am a happy camper with the machine and overall CAD/CAM/Production workflow. :slight_smile:

I am convinced the RC dragster is only going to be the first of many projects I do with the Pocket NC.

Enough rambling, the first image is the 3D printed version before it broke. The second image is the in progress milled version of the front steering and frame components. My overall plan is to use 6061 aluminum for all the frame bracketing and carbon fiber rods for the frame linkage.


The frames feature in Onshape must have been handy for that, uhh, frame.

Very cool. Please share video of it running down the track when done. :+1: