Recommended Titanium Feeds and Speeds?

Hey everyone,

I am looking to cut some small (10 mm diameter x 3 mm thick) titanium parts using my V2-50CHK. I was wondering if anyone has any recommended feeds and speeds working specifically with the V2-50?

Using a 1/8" 2FL square coated endmill (Harvey # 50208-C3), I have reviewed the speeds and feeds chart from Harvey:

and have come up with the following initial roughing parameters:
150 SFM (~4500 RPM)
0.00035 IPT (~3.2 IPM)
0.075" radial DOC
0.125" axial DOC

however, these numbers seem quite aggressive to me so I will definitely be lowering the depth of cuts for the first time around.

I’m curious about how low the calculated RPM is from their chart. In reviewing the forum, I found a post showing how the V2-50 torque drops off with spindle speed:

and I guess this means I shouldn’t shoot for extremely high speeds in the interest of maintaining torque, but this still leaves quite a wide range of speeds to choose from. Is there any benefit to making use of the air-fed spindle and increasing my spindle speed (and therefore SFM) at all?

Thanks for your input.