Rhino and Rhinocam

Hello everyone,

I use rhino and rhinocam on daily basis on 3 axis router. Now I have access to Pocket NC V2, i was wondering if there was any guide how to setup rhinocam to post for Pocket NC, i see there is a post processor available and 3d model of the machine as well but axises dont seem to align right.

Any help will be highly appreciated!

Hello @DeBussy
The postprocessors can be found here.

I’m not familiar with Rhino so maybe somebody else can also give some tips.

Thanks for the reply, i think im looking for the xml file for the machine parameters that defines axis locstions and orientations as well, im able to use rhinocam it just doesnot ron the same orientation as the world in rhino, bit weird but lets see if anyone uses rhinocam and has any feedback. Thanks again