Setting Up with Solidworks Cam

I am trying to get my Pocket NC up and running with Solidworks Cam but am having trouble with offsets. I’m trying to perform a simple operation on a piece of aluminum with A in the 90 position. The code works fine in the simulator and I’ve gone and set G54 on the same origin point as defined in my CAM setup. Nevertheless, when I run the program it begins cutting air way off from where it should be. I’ve fiddled with the CAM and offsets to the point that I don’t know what else to do. I’ve uploaded one of my GCode files for reference (strike that, I’m a new user so it won’t let me upload it). Note, at one point the generated code would spin the A into the 90 position. I changed something since then and can’t find it again. I believe it was a tilt offset in the CAM settings.
Anyway, if anyone has any tips or guidance I’d really appreciate it. Not being able to get this working is starting to drive me crazy.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You should be able to attach your G code program now.

What tool length offset and work offsets are you using?

In addition to John’s questions:

When setting your work offsets, are you setting them with A and B axis at 0? If not, give that a try and let us know if the problem persists.

Hi John. Here are my offsets as well as my code.

Holder.ngc (7.7 KB)

Thanks for the code and the offsets. When you run that code does it appear that the X and Y positions of the toolpath are correct and just the Z is incorrect, resulting in the “cut” being too far back from the stock?

No, the X and Y are also incorrect.

I am not familiar with Solidworks CAM so I am not sure how to do it but, based on your code, it looks like RWO and/or TCPC needs to be turned on in your post processor settings.

To use work offsets (a user-defined WCS origin), the post processor needs to be outputting the M codes for RWO or TCPC. RWO compatibility is available with the Legacy software version 4.8.1. RWO and TCPC are available with Kinetic Control.

If you do not see a way to turn on RWO and/or TCPC in your CAM software you may need to reach out to Solidworks CAM and ask them about creating a post processor that is compatible with those features. If I am remembering correctly, I reached out to them right before we released Kinetic Control to see if they could update their post processor but was told that a customer would have to file an official request.