Siemens NXCAM Post Processor and Machine Simulation Kit

Refer to past forum post here for the NX post processor for the Pocket NC machines.

Hi all
If you are using NXCAM and post configurator you can update to the latest libraries automatically from the post configurator UI. At the bottom of the UI there is an option to “update postprocessor”. this is backwards compatible to NX11. I recommend you do this to get some additional functionality and performance. If you have a post that I made for you I would be happy to update for you.
The latest library version is V5.4.0
NX1980 has been release so please check it out. Auto deburring, advanced adaptive, improved multi threading and many more.

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Hello Everybody
I have created a new postprocessor for the PocketNC V2-10. I have split the post into two streams now due to the differences between the two machines.
I have updated the PocketNC V1 postprocessor also to reflect some minor changes requested by the community and to update to the latest Postprocessor libraries.
I have also updated the configuration document to reflect the changes I made and point to the new forums.
I have placed the files on my google drive.

@Q from PocketNC. If there is a better way to share these files then please let me know.

If you have any quests, comments, changes or some help to install please don’t hesitate to to contact me.

Thanks, @TokyoPav! This is a great place to share these updates. Have you tried uploading the post processor file directly to the forum?

HI everyone
Both machine kits/postprocessors will also be available on the Siemens Post Hub for easy trialand installation. These will also be no charge from the post hub.

Hi everybody
I have made a small change to the structure of both postprocessor kits so they will be consistent with the siemens post hub. They are being readied to be deployed on the post hub so wanted to make sure there is no confusion. Due to the large size I have to host them on my google drive.

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Hi everybody,

the complete machine tool kits (postprocessor + G-code driven simulation + sample part) are now available for free on Post Hub

@TokyoPav: Thanks for all the prep, a few modifications was needed to make it work, appreciate all your efforts!

Link to Post Hub (Use Manufacturer search to easily find the V1, V2-10 & V2-50)

Best regards,

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Thanks for the update Thomas.