Simulator color scheme

Can the Penta simulator be customized for different color schemes? I find the default scheme too dark for my preference…

In our last update we added the ability to set the back plot colors. Is that what you’re after?

Thanks John,

Actuallly, I’d like the mill emclosure (on the Solo) to be a lighter color, preferably a color that I can choose myself. Bonus points for allowing the enclosure to be made transparent. Programmable color for the cutter woukd be nice, too.


Hey Mike, can you post a screenshot of what it looks like on your computer? The machine is black, but we do our best to make it look fairly realistic. We may offer ways to adjust how it looks in the simulator, but I’m wondering if there may be a problem with the shaders on your computer that make it especially dark.

Hi John,

This is a screenshot from my monitor:

The enclosure seems much too dark for me, but I understand that is a subjective opinion. Can the enclosure be made transparent or invisible?


Thanks Mike, that’s how it’s intended to look. I think adding a way to make certain components transparent is doable. It’s not high on the priority list, but I can see turning things off/partially invisible could help see what’s going on in some cases.

Thanks John. At least I know my Win10 hardware is set up right. I can appreciate that you have higher priorities on your Simulator upgrade list, but if you maintain a feature request list, I’d appreciate if you could add this to it.

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