Simulator - failed to detect collision

I’m getting more and more experience with my machine and I almost had a fatal mistake - spindle collision with b-table which was not detected by simulator - see screenshot.

I also would like to have option to select CHK spindle version in simulator (with collision detection please!) :slight_smile:

Hi Piotr, the simulator is currently a visual simulation only. It does not automatically detect collisions. It’s the user’s responsibility to watch for collisions, which we’ve tried to make easy to do by making it easy to scrub through the program or by watching at a sped up speed. We would like to add collision detection at some point, but currently don’t have a timeline for when we might get to it.

Adding the CHK spindle, though, should be straightforward (without collision detection). I’ll see about getting that in soon.

Thank you John for your response, I didn’t know that.
It would be amazing feature to have collision detection in simulator though.

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