Simulator Update v0.8.0

Today we released v0.8.0 of the simulator. It has a number of new features such as V1 support, improved performance and more! Read all about it or watch our explainer video to see what’s new: Simulator Update v0.8.0 — Penta Machine Co.

One feature in particular that is relevant to this post is the integration with these community forums. You can now upload a G code program and optionally a model to a forum post and anyone can simply click the “Open attachments in Pocket NC Simulator” button at the bottom of the post to immediately be able to check it out (even directly on your phone or tablet). You can try it out below:

spiral.obj (699.2 KB)
v2-spiral.ngc (279.8 KB)


There’s also a share button within the simulator, where you can copy an embed code which can be pasted into forum posts/blog posts/websites/etc.:

We’re excited to see how people use these new features! Let us know what you think.

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For those that are comfortable adding query parameters to their URL, you can also embed tool info and work coordinate info manually. We’d like to incorporate it into the Share dialog eventually, or perhaps keep the URL updated when making changes to tool lengths or work coordinates, but for now it’s a manual process and the parameters may change down the road. For now you can add one or multiple tool parameters set to JSON that describes the tool. For example, in our blog post about the release, we link to the Rook demo, which uses tools 15, which is a 3mm diameter tool and 16, which is a 4mm diameter tool, so the following settings are included in the link. Note that the radius of the tool is what is specified and it must be provided in inches, currently. Both use the default tool length offset of -3 (also must be in inches), but that also could be changed (but it must be included).


Also, the Rook demo uses the G54 offset to position the tool path appropriately, otherwise the tool path would be buried in the table. The wcs query parameter can be used to specify one or multiple work coordinate systems, as well. In this case we only change the Y offset, so it’s the only one that needs to be included, but any X, Y, Z, A, B value can also be specified:


rook.obj (878.9 KB)
v2-rook.ngc (1.1 MB)

So, with the options above the final link would be:{“P”:15,“R”:0.05905511811023623,“Z”:-3}&tool={“P”:16,“R”:0.07874015748031496,“Z”:-3}&wcs={“wcs”:1,“Y”:2}

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