Solo - any news?

Are there any news about the Solo?
Any chance to get access to preliminary 3D files for CAM software tests?

I heard that they expect to start sales this summer.

I’d also like to see 3D files of the machine, at least basic versions. The distributor for my CAM software tells me that they need that to develop a post and (presumably) machine definition.

Yes. For the postprocessor development we would also need informations about all additional features.

I’m curious myself about the Solo since it’s been a bit quiet for a while

Maybe Fall 2023 unyil the 1st production units to ship?

I mean there’s just generally zero information anywhere on the penta website, only things I’ve seen are the 2022 IMTS forum thread and videos on Instagram.

The best answer will come from Penta Machine sales.

We have compiled the current info about the Solo here. The password is Solo2023.

There’s also a link on this site where you can sign up to receive our email updates.


Thanks for the info!