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Solo tutorial?

The tutorial page in the Solo support section is apprently empty. Is there any chance of that being populated soon?

Same thing for the User Manual section:

@MikeH Those items are still being created and finalized and we do not have a solid date on when they will be published.

However, the Solo Getting Started Guide has the vast majority of the information that will be in the User Manual.

Thanks Q. I did find the getting started manual and will be following that over the next day or two.

Is there a sample part G-code file that could be used just to check that the machine is working properly. I thought I’d seen one somewhere but can’t find it now.

It’s going to be a while before I can get a working post for my CAM software.

Terrific job on crating the machine, by the way. I especially like the tilt indicators on the crate.

Great to hear, Mike.

We do not have a sample g-code file for testing the machine available to the public, but we may be able to put an “air cutting” program together relatively quickly. A program that cuts actual material will require a bit more planning and thorough documentation and we just haven’t gotten there yet.

Thanks for the comments on the crating, I will make sure they get passed along to our production team. They have definitely spent some time thinking about the best way to transport the machine.

Hi Q. An air cutting program would be great, especially if it exercises all 5 axis at least a little bit. At this point, I just want to verify that the Solo hardware works, at least minimally.


Attached is a program I was able to dig up that we have run to make parts on our in-house Solo machine. It moves each axis at least once and definitely exercises the X and Y axes a fair amount. This is probably the best option we have for now (that doesn’t take a huge amount of time to run).

I would recommend opening the file in the simulator before trying to run it just so that you have an idea of what the machine will be doing. You can easily do so by clicking the icon to the left of the heart below, which will open the code directly in the simulator.

Solo Axis Test.ngc (132.4 KB)

Right now the Open in Simulator button will open it with the V2 loaded. You can press the Stop button and then select the Solo in the bottom right hand corner, then click the Run Program button to see it properly in the Solo. Or click this link: Penta Simulator

Thanks Q and John. My compressor just failed so I’ve got to resolve that before I can run the test program. I’ll try it in the simulator before running it on the mill.

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