Squiggly lines and axis limit

Hello, I am pretty new to cnc machining, coming from a design background and doing quit a bit of 3D printing. Now I am helping a friend with his penta machine but need some help.

The 5 axis swarf toolpath looks good in Fusion360 but when i export it with the postprocessor it makes these squiggly lines.
Also it reaches some axis limit, the object is a bit less than 4" and there was and older version that worked (somebody else was helping before but don´t know what they did)

Anyways, would be thankfull for any advice. Will attach pictures and the file.


20230331_34mm_test4.ngc (59.4 KB)

Can´t seem to upload here as a new account.

I’ve attached your G code program to your original post (which makes it easier to open in the simulator). You should also now have permission to upload files.

As for your issue, this seems like a Fusion 360 post problem. Are you able to upload your Fusion file?

@manuoberle it looks like you have limited your A axis range to 90 degrees in the post processor window. Why is that? That could be part of this issue, or potentially cause other issues moving forward.

Also is the machine you are working with running our legacy software or our newer Kinetic Control software?

Thanks for the fast reply. I updated the A asi range, no idea why it was there. The squiggly lines seem to be gone away. But the limit switch axis is still triggered before it even gets close to the work piece. It dances around like crazy. And I don´t see any of that in Fusion.

20230508_34mm_test.ngc (48.8 KB)

What did you update that A axis range value to? The default value should be 20. There is still a chance that is causing some of the issue, depending on what you set it to.

Also, are you using the legacy control software or Kinetic Control? Are you setting work offsets?

It seems to be the legacy control.
The A axis was set to 360, let me change it to 20. Nothing changed.
Where would I set the work offsets? I mean the position looks correct with the work holding.

20230509_34mm_test.ngc (40.5 KB)

Ok, good to know. With the legacy software you will not be able to set work offsets and perform simultaneous 5 axis moves (like the swarf tool path).

I think the reason you are seeing the axis limit error is that your part is not set up right in your CAM and it is putting the part too high in the machine’s work envelope. When programming a part to work with the legacy software you have to make sure that your digital setup and physical setup are identical in relation to the B-table offset (center of rotation) of your machine.

I would highly recommend at least reading through our First Part Tutorial. It will show you what I am referring to and build a good base of understanding for future projects if you continue to use the legacy software.

If you ever choose to upgrade your machine to Kinetic Control the workflow for programming and setting up a part will become much easier and more flexible because you will be able to set work offsets. That workflow can seen in the Kinetic Control First Part Turtorial.

I hope this helps!