Starting over, but from where?

I bought a PocketNC a few years ago and got as far as making the spiral thingie from the training course when the wheels came off every other aspect of my work life. I had to put the machine away. I tried to return to it when the switch to TCPC was made, but didn’t even get as far as installing the SD card into the machine. And that’s where I left it. Now my job is a lot less chaotic and I have head space to learn a new skill.

I want to make sure I get all the steps. I see on the website a PocketNC 101 course. I assume that is updated? It has the same cover as the undated workbook I have from years ago. Where do I find current instructions for updating the machine firmware from pre- TCPC? Are there steps to take other than updating firmware and retaking the course? I did spend some of the past few years learning Fusion360 for my 3-axis CNC, so hopefully that part is clear.

Thanks for any guidance,

Hi Graham,

Send me an email at and I will get you the information that you have requested.

Thank you.