TCPC, Round Stock and Selecting a Box Point

I’m a little ahead of myself, as I don’t have Kinetic Control running yet, but I’m designing for it.
Within the Manufacturing Setup, I have a Fixed Size Cylinder and the Stock Point is Box Point, which I selected the cylinder center point (see pic). I don’t have a box corner to set the offsets, so what is the procedure for a center Box Point?


Hi @TriManTed,

As long as you will be holding your cylindrical stock concentric with the center of the B axis (like with the ER40 collet fixture), all you have to do is set your Y axis work offset when setting up your machine. This is because the X and Z axis (as the WCS is aligned when the machine is at home) are both still aligned with the machine’s origin point (AKA B-table offset/center of rotation), leaving only the Y axis that needs an offset defined.

To define the Y axis work offset you can follow the same steps shown in the First Part Tutorial, since the Y axis origin is set to the top of the stock in both scenarios (based on the picture you provided).

Hopefully that makes sense!


That makes perfect sense and probably the easiest way to set up the TCPC for a cylinder. Yes, the stock is mounted in an ER40 Collet.
If I selected an Orientation of ‘Select X and Y Axes’ with Y being the center of the stock, I can select a Box Point on the perimeter of the cylinder but then I would have to define all three axes at the same point. Using Simulation, the resuts are the same as selecting the center as my Box Point.
Using your setup, I only need to find the center of my stock.
Thanks for your help. I think I’m going to like TCPC, especially for off-center work holding.

Great, I am glad that made sense.

Yes, TCPC is a game changer for our machine.

Let me know if you have any other questions, otherwise happy machining!