TCPC without Kinetic Control?

One of the revisions listed for the latest PocketNC software (ver 4.8.1) is the ability for TCPC. Is Kinetic control necessary for TCPC on a V2-10, Windows 10?

Kinetic Control is required in order to use TCPC, which was released as v5.0.0. I’m not sure what you’re referring to with v4.8.1.

v4.8.1 is the last PocketNC Software version listed when I go to Conf./Version/Update.
Why wouldn’t I see v5.0.0? I have a V2-10

v4.8.1 and prior is what we call our legacy software. Kinetic Control is v5.0 and above and was a major refactor of the whole system. The legacy software’s update mechanism is not capable of upgrading to v5. In order to upgrade to Kinetic Control you must purchase a microSD card here: Kinetic Control Update — Penta Machine Co.