Tool Change and Edge Finding Configuration


I want to machine a code that includes a tool change. I have seen that there is an option in the settings called “Probe Tool on M6,” which makes the machine re-measure the tool when it is changed. I have this option activated, but the machine does not measure the tool. What can I do about this? How can I machine using a code that includes a tool change?

I also have a question about another topic. I want to use the Edge Finding because the WCS is in the middle. Is there an option on the machine to find the midpoint?

Thank you.


Could you please provide us with the following so that we can look into this further?

  • Serial number of your machine
  • G-code program that you are running when the automatic tool probing does not work
  • A screenshot of the “Probe Tool on M6” setting you have changed

Regarding your edge finding question - no, there is no option on the machine to automatically find the midpoint between two points.

  • Serial number of your machine:

  • G-code program that you are running when the automatic tool probing does not work:
    prova_canvi.eina.ngc (8.4 KB)

  • A screenshot of the “Probe Tool on M6” setting you have changed:

Thank you for all of that information.

As my colleague, John, mentioned in the other thread you posted in, the issue is likely a bug that was fixed in a software update.

If you update your machine to the newest software version the issue should be resolved.

I’m trying to update it, but it doesn’t work.
First, I connect the machine to the internet. In the next picture, you can see that the machine is connected.

But below “Active version”, there isn’t “Shutdown services to update software”.

Even so, I activate “Shutdown services”, but the machine disconnected, and I still don’t get updates. The following image shows what appears:

It looks like your machine isn’t connected to the internet. An IP address that starts with 169.254 is self assigned. Are you sure you’re connected properly to your network and that it is assigning IP addresses via DHCP?

Search on the forum for “Josh Pieper”. Touch probing can be added more or less easily - depending on your skills :wink:

I think so. If I disconnect the Ethernet cable, the message ‘No IP addr’ appears.

Sorry for the late response.

From the last pictures you sent, though, when it is connected, you are not getting assigned a proper IP address. What’s the other end of the Ethernet cable plugged into?

You were right, the Ethernet cable wasn’t connected to a valid network. I changed the outlet and now the option to update the machine is available.
I have successfully updated the machine and the “Probe Tool on M6” option is now working. Thank you very much for the help. However, I have a few questions:

  1. Is it normal for the update to take about 40 minutes?
  2. I connected the Ethernet cable to the machine and, since the update was taking a long time, I disconnected the computer’s WiFi in case there was an issue. Shortly after, the update was completed. Was this just a coincidence or can the computer not be connected to two different networks?


The update from pre-v5.6 to v5.6 or higher will take longer than normal. This is a big update as we recently refactored a lot of major components. Subsequent updates should be more like 5-10 minutes. I think it was a coincidence that the update finished right after disconnecting your computer’s WiFi.