Tool change M6 T1 and T2

Hello people,
I am working on a project and for that I need to do a tool-change. I have stored the tools with offsets in positions 1 and 2. In my Gcode I do a tool change M6 T1 and M6 T2. But this way it is not selecting the corresponding TLO (tool length offset). I was under the assumption this was automatic…do I need to add something else?
Thanks for your input,

G43 will enable the TLO for the last M6 T#. Or you can use G43 H# to specify a specific tool offset.

Hi John,
Thanks for your quick reply.
So do I simply code G43 T1 to call for the correct stored offset for tool 1?

With G43 it accepts the H parameter rather than T. So you would use G43 H1.

Great! I’ll try this.
Thanks, much appreciated

You’re welcome! Let us know how it goes.

I have implemented it and now it works great, M6 T1 G43 H1 and M6 T2 G43 H2 did the trick :wink:
Great support!