Tool Length measurement

How can I initiate the tool probing from the NC program ?

There’s an option under the Additional tab under Config > Server > Machine Config called Probe Tool on M6, which will measure your tool after a tool change. Is that what you’re looking to do?

After checking that option, click the Restart Services button and then every tool change will trigger a tool probe as well.

Sounds like what I was looking for. Do I have to change the tool to a dummy one first, in order to guarantee the measurement in any NC program - for the case the tool# does not change?

Hmm, that’s a good question. I would have to test that, but I believe it always measures the tool even if the tool is already active.

This ‘Probe Tool on M6’ would save me a lot of time and is an excellent feature.
My software does not have a tab labeled ‘Additional’ under the ‘Server’ tab. It only lists ‘Settings for LINUXCNC Server’. If I click on this link, it asks for a username. How do I find out what my username and password are? The list of software versions ends with 4.8.1 and is highlighted. My machine is a V2-10 running Windows 10 Pro. I am not using Kinetic control yet.

This feature is available in v4.8.1, but it has a few more steps to activate it. After clicking the Launch in New Window button next to LinuxCNC Web Server Configuration, you can enter default/default for the username/password. Under the Configure tab, you can add a POCKETNC_FEATURES section, then add a new value named M6_TOOL_PROBE and set it to 1. You’ll then need to restart your machine for it to take effect (or at least restart the services, which I believe can be done from the System tab).

Thank you for the quick reply.
In the LinuxCNC Web Server Configuration, I see a section already named POCKETNC_FEATURES which only contains PAUSE_ON_TOOL_PROBE = 1.
When I go into its Configure tab, POCKETNC_FEATURES does not show. Am I to make a second section with the same name? When doing so, I’m asked if I want to override the existing INI file. Will this wipe out my existing file or add a second same-named section to it?
Thanks again for you help.

You won’t wipe out your existing file. You’ll be adding a parameter to an overlay file that will be merged with the main file, overwriting any common parameter names.