TPC WCS in Fusion setup and toolpath

Beginner question for TPC:
In Fusion 360, the setup WCS represents the machine origin.
The axis set-up defines the orientation.

When using TPC, both the SETUP WCS and the TOOLPATH WCS are placed on a point on the object to be probed?
The axis in the setup still represent the machine orientation.
The axis in the toolpath represents the tool axis.

So when entering the WCS offsets as described in the Kinetic Control Webinar, the offset data will describe where the reference point is in relation to the machine internal origin, as stored in the machine operating system. (machine internal origin being somewhat unique to the machine)

Axis orientation remain, only the position of the WCS is placed on the object in Fusion, and probed on the machine, with the correct tool loaded. Kinetic control does the math and manages the probing workflow.

The webinar is pretty clear about the probing and the entries in Kinetic Control, but little is said about setting the Fusion WCS in set-up and toolpath. So I assume that WCS are the same for Setup and Toolpaths, and Axis orientation follows machine logic as it did in prior workflow.

Please confirm/correct my understanding,

Also, where does the simulator fit in this?
I mean if there are work offsets in Kinetic control, they are not accounted for in the simulator?
What is the workflow to verify toolpaths then?

Hi @TitaniumBlue

If I am understanding your description correctly, I believe you are understanding most of the workflow correctly. However, it may be helpful to review at least Sections 2, 4.1, and 6.4 of this tutorial. Doing so should offer some additional clarity on all of your questions.

When it comes to simulation, it is still very similar to the workflow used before Kinetic Control and TCPC, however you just have to set up your machine and set work offsets and tool offsets first. This allows you to take those values and plug them into the simulator in the Summary tab, giving you an accurate simulation.

Let us know if you have any further questions on this, we are happy to explain in more detail if needed!

Besides accurate simulation it mostly assures, that the simulator is not running into axis limits - which is always the case, if you want to go to the limits of the machine :wink:

I took a look at the tutorial and succeeded.

I want to know:
In a facing operation with axis A at 90º.
Tool orientation is in the machine Z axis. Surface to face sits in machine XY axis.
Is there a way to set the WCS to touch off (inZ axis) on the stock with the axis A rotated?
Right now, I touch off in the Y axis(and set the work offset in Y) with A axis at 0º

Hey Martin,

For now, the recommended practice is to always set work offsets with A and B axis at 0. This is because of the way the TCPC feature in Kinetic Control calculates the translation of offsets after rotary moves.

If setting work offsets with the A axis at 90 degrees is absolutely necessary, send us an email at and we can provide some options for achieving the same result, depending on the situation.


now working effectively, well, almost.
I am setting the work offset correctly, and get my part cut.
Now came the second part of the same program.
Since I am using the vise, I am mostly concerned about the Z axis position.
So I reasoned that I could bring my tool end to x0, Y0 and Z0, (on the DRO, with correct tool loaded) and use the tool end to set the stock in the vise.
But the DRO Z axis at z0 was putting the stock in a wrong place…The X and Y O’s were ok…
So I tried to redefine the Z axis tool offset only, but didnt have success…
I guess next time I should add a hard stop to position my stock…
I thought I could use the tool tip for that… (roughing here…)
Any advice on understanding the DRO readout?

So this morning, everything looks good.
Dont know why the tool offset procedure didnt reset the DRO to zero last night.
Today it does…Maybe it’s me who needed a reset…(aka sleep…)

So I think the issue I had is with the clearing of old tool offsets.
So what is the bullet proof method to reset the machine to its internal WCS?
Rebooth machine, remove g54 with command or with REMOVE CURRENT SYSTEM?

Hi Martin,

I am glad to hear you are making progress and at least cutting parts!

Your plan for using the tool tip to set the next part stock makes sense and should definitely be possible. The tricky part about the Z axis, however, is that you have to have the right TLO active for the Z axis DRO to read properly.

I would suggest attempting your approach again, just make sure that the proper TLO is active for the tool you have loaded in the machine by using the MDI command bar to issue a “G43 Hx” where x is the TLO number you want active.

Removing all of your work offsets will not resolve this issue as that will essentially “erase” the WCS origin you defined on your first part and are trying to align your second piece of stock to.

If you continue to run into issues please feel free to reach out to us at, sometimes it is easier to troubleshoot over email.