Upgrade from v1.1

Wonder what needs to be upgraded to bring v1.1 up to date in terms of software and hardware towards V2.10, the cost and limitations in differences between v1.1 and v-2-10. When using Fusion 360, do I need to setup fusion any difference or use V2-10 settings?

Hi @jimcheong,

The bring a V1 one up to date on software a new beaglebone board would need to be purchased. At that point the machine could be run on the highest version of our V2 legacy software or be upgraded to our newest Kinetic Control software with an additional purchase.

As far as hardware goes, there is nothing that can be done to upgrade the V1 to a V2-10 as too many of the components are not interchangeable.

Programming in Fusion 360 for the V1 is very similar to programming for the V2 machines. I would just make sure you do not have a machine configuration set (the V2-10 will not work for the V1) and that you you choose V1 under “Machine Model” when you post process the g-code.


Thx, let me get the process started then.

Ok, great. If you want to jump straight to Kinetic Control you can head to our website and purchase the upgrade. Here is the link the product listing.

Once the purchase has been made we will send you an SD card that you should be able to just install in your machine.

If you have any questions or run into any issues please do not hesitate to reach out to us at service@pocketnc.com, we are happy to help!


Not sure which beagleboard to get blue/black/bone/ai/wifi. Can you point me to the right place to get that too?

When going directly to Kinetic Control you do not need to purchase a new beaglebone, all you have to do is install the SD card we send you into your existing beaglebone (that is already installed in your machine).

Got the sdcard from Penta Machines Co, I removed the panel and took out the beaglebone black board. Looks like it is powered by the cape expansion headers instead of the 5v barrel plug. With the Beaglebone board taken out, basically, to access the reset/power buttons, the usb extension printed circuit board ribbon was blocking the reset buttons so I took that out. Inserted the sd-card into the board, now all I really have to do is hold the reset button down while powering the board with 5v/2amp barrel plug supply and wait for 20s for it to start transferring to eMMC correct before releasing the reset button? After 20mins or so when it settled down, I can unplug the power usb cable and put everything back into the machine and take the sdcard out as last step? The entire process can be done without the hdmi cable and I really do not need to hook it up to monitor, keyboard, mouse correct?

Hi @jimcheong,

You are correct, you will need to remove the beaglebone to hold the boot button down during the first boot with the Kinetic Control SD card installed.

Using an appropriate barrel plug power cord should work fine to power the board while it is out of the machine, however we usually use a USB A to USB Mini B to do so since you will ultimately need one of those to connect the machine to your computer and access the UI.

Once the initial boot is done (we recommend waiting 10 minutes) then you can disconnect the USB cable, reinstall the board and then connect to the machine using the steps shown in this video (You just won’t have the red LED button so you will want to wait a few minutes before trying to connect after power up).

Got Kinetic to run from my web browser after reboot, and switched the hardware to v1. I can jog the controls, but when I power down and remove the sdcard and power up, it goes back to the linuxCNC software. I think I’ve got the beaglebone to run Kinetic from the sdcard but not got it to install to the eMMC memory. Is this the intend? For Kinetic to run from sdcard?

The Kinetic Control software runs from the micro-SD card. As you discovered, when the micro-SD card is removed, the user interface reverts back to our Legacy software. The Kinetic Control micro-SD card must remain in the BeagleBone Board in order to use this software.

Thx for the confirmation.