Urgent ! M code cant greater than 199 and Z Axis Limit Problem

when i generate and save the program. i upload it to pocketNC local driver software. but when i start the sequence thing that first appear is M code problem, then i follow some discusion that we must delete the line of Mcode. after we delete the Mcode some problem is appear again is in line 20
Z axis limit exceeded the positif limit

If you upload your G code we can help diagnose the issue. Our simulator can often help identify the problem: https://sim.pentamachine.com

If you upload your G code here, it’s easy for people to load it in the simulator and offer suggestions.

i had use the simulator but its fine and work, im new user cant upload anything. im sorry
but may i paste the code on the reply box??

You should now have permission to attach a file.

TRIAL.ngc (5.8 MB)

Are you using Kinetic Control or our legacy software? It looks like your program is using M254, which is used for rotated work offsets. This was added to our legacy software in version 4.8.0 and is also supported in Kinetic Control. Anything prior to that won’t work properly.

i use fusion 360 i dont know about kinetic or legacy software. so can u help me to solve it?

What does the Pocket NC interface look like? Can you show a screenshot?

ohh isee, i think i still use the past version

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I think something went wrong with the upload. Can you try again?

If it is legacy software, you’ll need to upgrade to v4.8.1.

where i get it the latest software? i read on github there is added 4.8.1 version, how i can install it?? @john sir please help me

Please respond to service@pocketnc.com. Let me know the serial number of your machine. The machine’s calibration overlay needs to be reloaded once the software is updated. I’ll send you a link to the software as well as instructions on how to update the software. Additionally, I’ll send you your machine’s calibration overlay so you can reload it into your machine.

I finish sending the number on email. What im gonna do right now?.

Hopefully its get to you.

I have searched our emails and I don’t see one from your name. Can you please try again but instead send your request to info@pocketnc.com.

Thank you

i finish sending the email, hopefully you can help me
Thank You

after i update the software, appear new problem such as “cant add linear moves line 6, error code-7”

Look for a detailed explanation in your email from service@pocketnc.com