User Settings Backup

How can I backup my user settings like Tool tables?

There’s no official way to do it right now. But, if you’re comfortable ssh’ing to the machine, you can back up the files that are in /var/opt/pocketnc. The specific files it sounds like you’re interested in backing up are /var/opt/pocketnc/tool.tbl and /var/opt/pocketnc/CLIENT_CONFIG.JSON.

Your calibration data also exists in that directory, which can be downloaded via the main UI by going to the Config tab > Server tab > Machine Config panel, then clicking the Download button after entering a serial number.

Thanks John.
Those files should probably also get packed to the “Machine Config | Download” button zip-file.
PS: in my software I usually add all user files plus their paths (ini, cfg, loggings, debugs, exception traces…) to such packs.
PS2: For file backup and file access to Linux I always use TotalCommander - the swiss knife under Windows…

Thanks for the suggestion! Maybe we could extend the download interface so a user could check which files they want to include in it. The main purpose is to be able to restore calibration data by uploading the same file that is downloaded. I could see users wanting to restore tool information and other user settings as well, but not always. For example, when uploading the factory calibration that we save internally and send to users when they need it, I imagine users wouldn’t want their tool table blown away. Anyway, I’ll make a note of the requested functionality and we’ll see what we can do!

Such packs are generally not intended to get uploaded again.
I would allow uploading only separate source files. Since they are small anyway, there’s no need to support zipped ones. If a user uploads a full pack, I would grab only the INI file. Then there’s no need to add extra code for the GUI.