Using Josh Pieper Probe with Fusion 360

I have Josh Pieper excellent probe for my machine and the internal and external cylinder probing routines all work as expected.

I am trying to figure out how to use it to set the x, y and z coordinates using TCPC mode through Fusion 360 probing, but I get an error when Post Processing using latest post processor for Kinetic Control. The error is " Error: The probe cycle ‘probing-x’ is machine specific and must always be handled in the post configuration.

Error in operation: ‘Probe WCS2’"

For my example I am using the numbered block in the Penta course.

Am I doing something wrong or is Fusion probing not supported?

Thanks for any help


I believe Penta’s current post processor for Fusion does not support probing routines.

I’ve played around with using the stock LinuxCNC probing scripts, but haven’t been able to get super consistent results with the values out of the fusion post processor. I have a fork going of jpieper’s repo with a sample post processor, but it is still very prone to crashes

Thanks for the reply, I will check out your sample post processor and give it a try. Unfortunately not sure I will be add much value as coding skills are very limited. Hopefully eventually Penta will add the capability to the official post processor.