V2-10 For sale in Maryland - Crate shipping available

Bought for playing around, used it for collecting dust. Less than 10 spindle hours. It’s a very cool machine and I have nothing but nice things to say about it, but we really need a larger and more rigid machine for our kind of work so this never got used. It’s even still got the wax cube and was only ever used to cut a single HDPE chess piece.

Pocket NC V2-10
ER-40 Fixture
Tool and Collet Holder Multipack
Machine control pendant
I’ll toss in some extra new HSS and Carbide tooling

Located in Laurel, Maryland
Available to inspect and test by appointment
Photos available here: Photos or send a message to adam at x-laser dot com
Willing to crate and ship

$5500 local pickup
$5700 shipped in the lower 48


Hi Adam, I’m interested in the machine if it’s still available and you’d be willing to ship to NY. Do you have a complete list of tooling included?

Sorry dmealie, this sold this past weekend. Thanks all for the interest!

No worries, thanks for the update. Congrats on selling!