V2-10 graphite/ soft steel

Wondering if anyone has had any luck milling either graphite or soft steel with v2-10? I am trying to make a reusable mould I can cast aluminum with.

In researching I’ve heard graphite dust can short circuit your cnc, so wondering if anyones had success with this process?

Also wondering about v2-10 capabilities with soft steel.

If you’ve had luck with either, would really appreciate any guidance on DIY graphite dust vaccuuming, what tooling/feeds and speeds you used on either graphite or steel, and any other info/ resources you can provide.
Thank you!

some one in the facebook group made something with graphite, not sure who or what. and a company near me was making edm electrodes on a pocketnc using graphite at one point not sure if they still are.

I just turned and milled some 1/4" OD graphite rod that was sourced from McMaster-Carr on my Clausing manual lathe and Tormach PCNC1100 S3 mill. There was minimal dust generated, but I covered the area below with a shop rag to capture the dust, tossed the shop rag after, and cleaned up the affected machine area with a solvent-coated towel. I just needed the one piece, but for more than that I would probably rig up a shop vacuum nozzle to pull off as much graphite dust as possible while it was being generated.

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