V2-50 er11 sizes

I got v2-50chb for a while. But I never changed the collet sizes. Is it safe to change to ER11-6mm collet on v2-50 machine?

Hi @bison
I’d be inclined to not do it as the spindle comes with a maximum of 4mm collet so I’d stay with that. However, there is a youtube video of an upgraded spindle, looks like the whole spindle as it doesn’t have the locking lever. Maybe reach out to the YT channel and ask there.


@bison The V2-50 CHB machine’s spindle is not compatible with ER-11 collets. The only collets that are compatible are CHB collets and they come in 3 sizes: 3mm, 1/8" and 4mm.

The spindle shown in the video @TokyoPav posted is the CHK spindle, which can be installed on your V2-50 machine. It requires CHK collets, which have a much larger range of sizes, including 6mm.

Please feel free to reach out to us at service@pentamachine.com if you are interested in purchasing a CHK spindle.


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