V2-50 Intervals between warm-up

Could you extend the 1 week interval to 1 week and a few hours?
I keep a routine of warming the spindle once a week when I am not using it much.
Say Monday morning.
But with this sharp 1 Week interval, I have to do it earlier every week…
I understand it is simpler to use the machine frequently, however, a small change could help solve this.

@TitaniumBlue, I am not quite sure I understand what your goal is, could you elaborate?

Are you attempting to avoid having to run the long warm-up routine? If so, and you only run a warm-up about once a week, it would probably be best if you run the long routine anyway, since the machine has sat unused for a while.


Q, Greetings.
What I meant is this: once a week, is fine, but you have to always make it less than a week. (Less than 7 x 24 hrs)
Suppose I run the machine on Monday morning 8 am, then the next monday, I need to run it Monday morning 7:55 , just to make sure it clears the 1 Week value. And so then the second week, remember to run it at 7:50 etc…

What I am suggesting is to increase the 1 week value so that if I run the machine one a week at the same time every week, I dont have to keep a chronometer to make sure it goes over the 7 x 24 hrs, and does a 50 minute warm-up.

Apart from this, yes I am using the machine more often, and am getting more adept at preparing the toolpaths. I have posted a request for full 5 axis workflow, still waiting to see what information I can get to speed-up my learning. Discovered some nice variable helix that burr through aluminum, very nice results and close tolerances in 3+2 situation…

Thanks for confirming that explanation, @TitaniumBlue.

I understand the desire to not have to run the 50 minute warm-up, however that warm-up is pretty important when the machine has not been used in awhile. So, even though you are technically running the machine within the week cutoff, realistically the spindle does need/benefit from the long warm-up. I hope that makes sense but if it doesn’t please let me know.

I think I saw your post about full 5-axis workflow so I will respond to it with some suggestions.


OK, you have made the point of running the spindle for 50 minutes very clear. I understand.
Thank you for your patience.

You are welcome!

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. You are welcome to post here again or reach out to us at service@pentamachine.com, we usually respond within one business day.

Happy machining!