V2-50 pressure reading

Hi. What pressure shall pressure reading show (or good range)?
In the instructions there is information to have 0.17MPa, but at 0.15MPa pressure reading becomes orange suggesting that this is slightly too much.

Hi Piotr,

The pressure at the machine can be anywhere between .14MPa and .17MPa. The value written in the Quick Start Guide is a starting point for setting the regulator. Depending on how long your hose between the regulator and machine is, your machine’s gauge may not read the same as the regulator so you may need to do a little adjustment.

Hope this clears things up!


Thank you Q, it is clear now. Watching all your videos, keep doing them, they are super useful !
Ok, time for the first warm up of my spindle then!

Glad to hear they have been useful to you! We will work on getting more out.

Have fun with that machine!