V5.5.10 gives blank screen

After upgrading my PocketNC today the normal screen shows for a second then the screen goes blank. See attached screen recording. Tested on macOS 14.3.1 Safari, Chrome and Win 11 Edge.
How can I revert to previous version or a solution tot the problem?


If you hold shift and click refresh in your browser, does it load properly?

I managed to refresh the page continuously and click “shutdown services” and rollback to 5.5.9.

It works now and it says 5.5.9 is the latest version. I’ll waitvto upgrade.

Thank you for such a quick reply, Pentamachine has great customer support.


I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. My best guess right now is a caching issue where it was trying to fetch old data. Holding shift and clicking refresh should force the browser to fetch the latest versions of the various files.

Ok, I need the machine running today but I will later redo the upgrade and test again.

Upgraded to 5.5.11 and when connecting to the machine with a web browser the screen is correct for about a second then goes blank. I can refresh the page and the screen goes blank after a second again and can be repeated forever. My video posted in the first post is still valid to see the problem.
Tested on:
macOS 14.3.1 Safari, Chrome and Firefox
Windows 11 Edge and Chrome

Exactly the same behaviour on all 5 different web browsers used on 2 different operaring systems.
Shift click has no effect.

Version 5.5.9 works (Just need to figure out how toll do a roll back).


Can you tell me more about your specific machine configuration. Is it a V2-10 or a V2-50? Could you also open the JavaScript console and share a screenshot of any errors that appear there?

To revert to 5.5.9 you can SSH to the machine and run the following command:

sudo ostree admin deploy --os kinetic 5f0b7d7bb8b6c96cf661aeaea1b900f7b0ddd8521ceb2a18041db0113d20c002

Back on 5.5.9 and it works.

I’m on a V2-10. Can’t find any log files/errors in java, may be looking in the wrong place.


You’ll need to do this when updated to v5.5.11 for there to be any errors, but the JavaScript console is a window/panel in your browser. In chrome on macOS, you can press Option+Cmd+J to open it. I think it’s Control+Shift+J on Windows.

Installed 5.5.11. This time using Chrome on macOS to connect.
Attached is a screen dump of the JavaScript console after connecting to the machine. Screen goes blank after a second.


Great, thanks @Mats! This tells me what’s going on. I’ll get a fix out for this asap.

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Ok, with your help I was able to reproduce and fix the issue. The fix is released in v5.5.12. For anyone who updated to v5.5.10 or v5.5.11, you can SSH to your machine and run the following commands to update (it’s also possible to get to the update section in the UI and if you’re able to click the Shutdown Services button before the white screen, then you should be able to update normally):

sudo systemctl stop PocketNC
sudo ostree pull kinetic 6e965ed2a4080300ed593eda7ec0993fd0fe55a7e12003278841aec0137bbce0
sudo ostree admin deploy --os=kinetic 6e965ed2a4080300ed593eda7ec0993fd0fe55a7e12003278841aec0137bbce0
sudo reboot

Now upgraded to 5.5.12 and it works as expected.

Thank you for the fast response solving my problem on a weekend.
I know of just a few companies having this great support (Great Coasters International , Hamrick software and Penta Machine!)


Thanks for taking the time to not only report the issue, but to intentionally go back into a non working state to help us diagnose the problem! You made many people’s update process go a whole lot smoother.

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