Version 5.5.8 anomaly

There’s an anomaly on the “Manual” page, which was not in my older version:
a) How can the lower area be made larger? I see there just 9 buttons anymore…
b) “Recent” shows two vertical scrollbars?

c) on the simulator page the right lower “option” panel is also not resized to the window height.

Thanks for reporting these issues! What browser and OS are you using?

tested in firefox and chrome

It looks like it is hard for you to make the lower panel dynamically higher on all pages or even add a sizer/separator control.
On the production page you added an extra button for the NC program.
I could live with an extra button on each page: setup / tool list, manual / mdi list, simulator / option list

Dear John,
any progress on this ?

Unfortunately, no. With the release of the Solo our priorities are all related to that right now. Please keep prodding me, though, as it does help set priorities going forward.

Thats bad as it is a very annyoing issue. Is there any chance to downgrade my software to a version where it was working? Unfort.I forgot the version number…

You can always revert to your previous version via the Config > Server > Software panel. There is a Deploy “previous version” button where “previous version” is replaced with whatever version you were using before the update.

cant find this button…

You must first click the Shutdown Services button as you do when updating.

Got the good old working UI back!
Thanks John.