Warm-up during machining

Hi, I see many topics are related, but I will create separate ones for each problem/question.
After over an hour of running(milling) the control software decided to do short 10min warm-up because the spindle wasn’t used for more than 12hours. This happened just after I changed endmill after over hour of constant milling.

After I performed the warm-up it reset progress in milling and I have to start from the beginning, which is problematic and time consuming.
Typical bug in software :slight_smile:

Hi @piotr,

Thanks for letting us know about this. We agree, it is likely a software bug that is causing the witnessed behavior.

Our software team is now aware of the issue and plans to look into it as soon as they can.


Hi Q,
thanks for acknowledge, I will try to find all bugs :smile:


Also on this subject, the spindle speed factor set in KC should not affect warm-up speeds, imagine 40k warm up cycle with 200% multiplier :boom:.
I hope it won’t be driven above limitations, but this is ruining idea of warm-up with speed gradient if I accidently/intentionally change spindle speed factor before warming-up cycle and it can start from 30k right away.