What type of pocket NC is this

Hi I am currently an engineering student and my shop teacher wants me to set up a run down on the shops pocket NC. Issue is it doesn’t look like any other online and I can’t get it to work with anything online.

Here is a picture of it I could really use some help thank you in advance

This is a V1 machine. If the software on it has never been updated, then it will be difficult to follow any tutorials online. Kinetic Control, our latest software, does work on the V1: Software — Penta Machine Co.

All of our V1 resources can be found here: https://pentamachine.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PNFUR/pages/369131710/V1+Resources

Our simulator can be configured to be a V1 as well. You can go directly to this link and the V1 will be setup: https://sim.pentamachine.com/?machine=V1

You can also go to https://sim.pentamachine.com, click the Stop button, then in the menu in the bottom right select the V1.

Hi thanks for your help the only other question is about the sim warnings for M0 M1 and M30 those seem to be fine from the tutorials online but are there any of these warning ones I have to worry about?

sorry for the double but my teacher lost the paper that would contain the b table offset is there a secondary way of getting that info maybe using the serial number.

There are other codes that the simulator hasn’t implemented, so it is important to always look at those warnings. A couple that specifically come to mind is G41/G42 for cutter compensation. This isn’t as commonly used, especially on the Pocket NC, but it really depends on you CAM software and post processor. If you’re using Fusion 360 or Mastercam, these generally aren’t used unless you intentionally try to use them.

As for your B table offset, you’ll need to get in contact with service@pentamachine.com. Be sure to include your serial number.