B-axis not rotating during homing

I am a new user of Pocket NC, have just cut a few parts up to now.

my questions is: during homing, the b-axis does not rotate. It worked fine before; I used the machine to cut aluminum parts. I wonder if it is due to debris of aluminum getting into the machine and preventing the rotation. Do I need to open the components of the B-axis table and clean them? Thanks!

Hi @SutraNC,

I am sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with your machine’s B axis!

It is possible for debris to work its way down into the B axis bearing, especially if the chips being created on the machine are pretty small.

The first thing I would suggest you try is rotating the A axis as far positive (to the left) as possible and then tilting the machine so that the B table is parallel with the ground. With the machine in that position try to rotate the B axis (you can even assist it with your hands if necessary). The goal is to cause any debris that is in the seam around the B-table to come out.

If this doesn’t free up the axis, please reach out to us at service@pocketnc.com before attempting anything else, we will be happy to continue troubleshooting with you. We do not recommend any disassembly of the machine in the field as there are calibration-sensitive parts that should not be moved.