Built in simulator showing incorrect paths (reflected in real machine)


I am using the spiral part tutorial g-code from here: https://pentamachine.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PNFUR/pages/1732673537/Pocket+NC+V2+Demo+Part-Spiral+Kinetic+Control

I’m using a V2-50 with Kinetic Control 5.6.0

When I load the g-code in the built-in simulator it looks wildly incorrect (see image).

And when I start the sequence, the tool stops at the same completely incorrect place for loading the stock i.e. not axially aligned with the stock/ER40 fixture at all.

However when I load the same g-code into https://sim.pentamachine.com it looks as it should (see image).

Could I have some unwanted offsets or broken config on my machine?

You may have work offsets in place. It looks like that spiral part program isn’t using RWO or TCPC so your work offsets must all be 0.

On the Setup tab, you can clear your G54 offsets.

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