Connection issue V2-10

Using a win10 laptop to connect to a V2-10 i have been given, the pocket nc powers on and you get the flashing e stop light on the machine but i cant connect via the mini usb, i can see various blue leds flashing on the beaglebone but when i try and connect ( all I get is error connection timed out. I have cycled it on and off and done some trouble shooting going through stuff listed in the user manual even downloading the beaglebone drivers (bone_D64.exe) although i get install fails there. I have seen stuff relating to RNDIS drivers but am not sure how to proceed. Any ideas ideas or diagnosis gratefully received


Depending on the age of the Pocket NC V2-10, it might be time to flash the software to a newer version. Send an email to, and I’ll send you a link to the newest software version along with instructions on how to load it on the machine’s BeagleBone Board.

Sent email as requested. Thanks

I have not seen the email yet. Can you try to resend an email to Thank you.

Have resent it, hopefully it gets to you