Difficult Removal of Tool Holders

I’m having trouble removing my tool from my V2-10. It seems like it’s getting more difficult over time. I’ve current got a standard tool holder with a 1/4 bit stuck in the machine:

I’ve tried hitting it for a minute or so with the handle of the 3mm hex driver, as recommended in the manual. Any other ideas? Maybe I need to wait a little longer for it to cool.

In the past I’ve lightly oiled the tool holder with 3-in-1 multipurpose oil to avoid rust and maybe help with removing the tool. Should I not have done this? Is there any other maintenance I can do to make these tool changes easier? The standard holder is a bit harder to remove, since there’s less of a lever arm to hit with the driver (without hitting the bit itself).

Hey @zbattman

A very light coat of oil on the tool holder would not hurt for the future.

In the meantime, I would continue to try tapping the spindle collar (not the tool holder) with handle of the 3mm driver more and more aggressively to try and break that taper loose.

If that does not do the trick, the next thing to try would be attempting to get something between the shoulder of the tool holder and the face of the spindle collar to gently pry the tool holder out.

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Mine was starting to stick as well. We use a molybdenum based lubricant at work for our hsk63. I started applying the same to the tool holders, and it helps with the sticking. Metaflux 70-82. I think the 70-81 might be better considering, but they are both expensive.

Apply a little to the tool holder cone, spread around wet, let it dry, rub it in to the metal, then wipe off with a dry shop towel or (disposable) microfiber. I suggest wearing disposable gloves, and spraying into a cardboard box. Moly gets EVERYWHERE, and stains.