Error with latest upgrade

When I shutdown services is shows this error.

Active Version: 5.5.3

DEPLOY 5.4.7

CHECK FOR UPDATESerror: Commit a905d77caacfb32f367518dcca8b7501ca2354a3be86c7d5ebc9c20f365d5926: Signature made Mon Oct 16 21:12:24 2023 using RSA key ID 8FB9D19423755DA3 BAD signature from “Pocket NC Company” Key expired Wed Sep 20 15:59:53 2023


Hey @TokyoPav

This is an issue with something on our side of the update process. The solution is to re-flash your Kinetic Control microSD card with a new image of KC. After that, future updates should work as normal.

Shoot us an email at and we can get you the necessary instructions to re-flash that card.

@TokyoPav the issue is your machine has an old key for verifying software updates come from us. We updated this key back in February and have been shipping machines with the new key, but failed to realize that the new key wasn’t properly included in the software updates that older machines would receive. To update the key manually, you can ssh to your machine and run the following command:

bash <(curl -k

Once that runs (should be basically instantly), you should be able to update normally.

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Thanks John
Upgrade completed.
for those watching and have the inevitable question - what’s the password?
ssh pnc.ipa.ddr.ess -l pocketnc
password is pocketnc
It tells you the username and password pair when you first try to connect but you need to use the -l switch to get the right username.