Minimizing X Offset when Machining on both sides of B Axis

Are there any suggestions for how to minimize the x axis not quite lining up when machining a part from both sides? In this case, I’m machining the part first with the B table set to 0 rotation, then again from the other side with the B table at 180. The offset is consistent on both sides of the part. I’ve attached some photos where you can clearly see the seam

Hi @sgh

There are couple of ways to adjust for the offset you are seeing. The first thing to always try and eliminate is tool deflection. A good way to help take that out of the equation is to rough out your part then run one or two spring passes around the profile from each side.

If you are programming the part around center of rotation (no work offsets), it is also important to ensure that your digital (CAM) setup perfectly matches your machine setup, otherwise small locating mistakes can turn into obvious offsets after rotations.

Another option is to make some minor adjustments to the configuration settings of the machine. This can be machine specific and must be done in a certain way so it is always a good idea to reach out to a Penta customer service representative before attempting any changes. We can be reached very easily at