Pocket NC V1 - Guide Rail - Metal Strip Delamination

Hi, I have one of the original Kickstarter Pocket NC’s ( V1). After pulling it out of storage I noticed that the metal strip that covers one of the railings for the spindle travel has come loose. ( See attached picture). Is there a recommended solution to reattach the strip ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Dave,

If it isn’t much and there is very little to no debris underneath it, I would just use some low viscosity adhesive to stick it back down. We use Loctite 496.

If a lot of the cover has peeled up, or both ends are loose, I would suggest using a razor blade to carefully peel up the rest and then slip the cover out from underneath the X axis bearing car. As long as the cover is still pretty flat and doesn’t have any creases in it you should be able to reuse it. I usually use some rubbing alcohol or acetone and scrape the residual glue off of the rail and the cover before slipping the cover back under the bearing car and gluing one side down at time. The main thing to be careful of is letting glue dry in the channels on the sides of the bearing rail - we use IPA or acetone to clean any excess glue off. Otherwise it can cause the bearing car to bind so make sure those grooves are glue free.

Please let us know if you have any questions on this process!

Thank you,

Matt Rounds
Applications Engineer, Pocket NC

Thanks for the detailed response. I’ll follow the instructions given.