Simulator vs. Mouse

New Notebook - same problem came back: I cannot use the mouse in the 3d window.

Hi @WilWeber,

Could you please elaborate on the issue? Or point us toward a previous post, if there is one.


Sry, cannot find the mails… was obviously a direct communication…
Problem is: The simulator shows in Mozilla the machine and everything else, but I cannot pan/rotate with the mouse.
AFAIR I had the same problem on an old equipment, which I exchanged to make it working. But now the new notebook is brand-new…

Hi @WilWeber,

Thanks for the additional information. Have you tried a different web browser? We do most of our development and testing in Google Chrome.

Otherwise we will need to know more about the computer and browser you are using, like specs and versions.

Feel free to email us directly at with the above info to make it a little easier to exchange information.