Speeds & Feeds - Torque

When it comes to calculating speeds and feeds for various tools and materials most calculators require the max rpm, max cutting force, max torque and power of these PNC machines to get ballpark output data…can any here tell me this for the V2-50 so i can feed it into HSM advisor…thanks

I don’t lnow if its the same motor/drive as the one in the V2-50, but this document has a torque curve:

Cheers Mike ill take a look…
Out of curiosity im trying to machine hardened steel. the PNC is capable to machine steels up to 35HRC. Can anyone show me an example of the tooling they used and some successful speeds and feeds they have used to cut steel with…thanks

I have some data that I would like to share. I have attached a pdf document that includes the Nakanishi torque and power curve for the spindle motor on the Pocket NC V2-50. There has been some confusion regarding the interpretation of this curve. When making a cut, your spindle motor will be in the Continuous Duty Area of the curve, limiting the maximum continuous torque to 2 cN·m and maximum continuous power to 50 Watts. Above 40,000 rpm, the maximum torque and power are somewhat degraded. In the document, you will find some measurements of maximum cutting force that were obtained from the Y axis movement (which is inherently the most limited axis since it has to raise the mass of the trunnion and stock). You will notice that the maximum cutting force diminishes as the feed rate increases. These measurements values were determined just before motor stall occurs. I hope you find this helpful.
Pocket NC V2-50 Feeds and Speeds Calculator Data.pdf (394.7 KB)