Spindle Failure

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with Pocket Nc V2-10. Spindle stops turning during a fairly easy operation.I tried with tools of different thicknesses, but the problem was not solved. When performing the same cleaning operation with a different operation, the machine runs smoothly. Maybe you have an idea about it and you can give me some solutions. You can see the operation via atteched file.

Surface Flatten(3mm).f3z (401.9 KB)
OuterTube SurfaceFlatten.ngc (8.7 KB)

Hi @SamiF

Would you be able to post a video of what you are seeing? I would like to try to determine whether the issue is with the machine or the program.


Hi Q,

I guess found the problem. There is a socket on the spindle pcb and one of the cable was break. We will try to fix and I will let you know the results. You can see the video of the problem and socket.

Hi @SamiF,

That could definitely cause the issue you are seeing!

It may be difficult to repair/replace that connector unless you have the tool for picoflex connectors. If you would like us to send you a short section of wires with that connector attached that you can splice onto the existing wires of your machine please email us at service@pentamachine.com. Please provide us with your machine’s serial number, a shipping address and a good contact phone number.


Hello Q,

We don’t have the tool but we were able to crimp the cables to the connector and cable seems stiff and spindle works once we connect.

Apparently that fix didn’t make a difference to the spindle error as it stops working during the operation. I actually made successful operation for a while but later on I have changed the tool and start getting the spindle errors again. It actually occur more often in time and even I remove the tool and run the spindle empty it happened as well.

I have changed the spindle RPM and it didn’t make a difference. Now I am resting the machine and will make another run but what could be the issue here.

Do you have further suggestions?

Hi @SamiF

Thanks for the update. I am glad you were able to get that connector reattached.

It sounds like the ethernet cables running up to your Z axis and spindle (through the X cable chain) may be wearing out. We can provide you with new cables and instructions on how to replace them if you are able to reach out to service@pentamachine.com with the information requested above.

Hello Q,

Sami has left the company so I am taking over the control of the machine, we have mailed with you before on our previous fix on the spindle.

Let me summarize what is actually happening with the machine.

We are starting the machine as usual and selecting a operation gcode and running few short rounds. These are 5 min operations mostly surface cleaning of the aluminum parts.

During these operations first the spindle stops right after it home Z axis and doing the X axis Home.

Machine works on the next round as usual and it repeats the error at the end of every job and spindle stops after Z axis home movement.

After 5 or 6 round of same operation spindle rpm is jerking during operation. Then it stops during operation.

Once this happens I shut down the machine and wait for a while and restart again. The above sequence happens again in the same order.

Most recently I have got a new error as all axis stopped including spindle and I had to restart as the red button off/on doesn’t help at all.

I am not sure if this is related to cable as I am curious if this is main board related.

We are in need of a solution here as it seems at one point the machine will halt.


Hi Tolga,

Thanks for the update and thorough explanation of what you are seeing.

Since there may be a fair amount of back and forth communication and we may need some personal information from you in order send parts and whatnot, I think it would be better if we conversed over email. When it is convenient for you, please send an email to service@pentamachine.com referencing your most recent post here and we will get you taken care of!