Spindle Motor no longer going above 1800rpm

My pocket NC V2-10 has developed a fault today, the spindle motor no longer spins at full speed and changing the spindle rate slider on the interface no longer has any effect on the spindle speed other than setting it to 0% turns it off.

The spindle speed is constant at 1853 according to the interface regardless of what the toolpath is set to or where the manual spindle rate slider is set to. Ive tried several different toolpaths but all have the same issue.

Hi @CTAudio,

I am sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with your machine’s spindle!

The issue sounds like it is electrical in nature so it may take some back and forth to get it sorted out. Due to this, it would be better if you could reach out to us at service@pocketnc.com whenever you have time.