Spindle speed lower than in fusion preferences

Hello, I have some problems with the speed of my V2-50. The spindle speed doesn’t exceed 12.000 rpm but in the fusion preferences I’ve set the speed on 40.000 rpm. The machine runs for the third time so it’s nearly new.
What could be the reason for that?

Hi @Timo

Is the machine’s spindle limited to 12,000 rpm even when you give it a manual command? For instance, if you type M3 S50000 into the MDI command bar and press enter what happens? Does the spindle run at 50K rpm?

Hi @qrothing
yes, I’ve tried it with 30.000 rpm but it was the same result - only around 12.000 rpm.

Thanks, @Timo.

That suggests that there is an issue with one or more of the sensors that provide the spindle motor with the feedback it needs to regulate speed.

However, it sounds like you also reached out to us via email and Chuck is working with you to diagnose the problem further so I will let you two work together to get the issue resolved.