'TCPC mode' and 'machine model' ignored in Fusion

Hello, I have some problems with the Post Process in Fusion: I’ll get the following warning:

“The hardcoded machine configuration is overwritten by the provided CAM machine configuration.”
The properties ‘Use TCPC mode’, ‘Machine model’ and ‘Use inverse time feedrates’ are ignored."

I need TCPC mode for my 5 axis part but I don’t have so much experience with the machine and fusion and can’t find the reason for this Problem. I hope anybody could help me with this issue.

I believe the machine configuration chosen in your CAM setup is not aligning with the settings selected in the post configuration window that comes up right before generating g-code.

For now, I would suggest not using a machine configuration in your Setup as it is likely outdated. A new version may be released in the future, but when that will happen is unknown.

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Thank you for your help! It seems like that this solves the problem :slight_smile:

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