Troubleshooting Axis Reversal

Hello, as far as I can tell, I didn’t knowingly change any configurations, but after running my machine (V2-10), then shutting it off, and turning it back on, the machine seems to have flipped some axes. When jogging the axes, the +x direction is now the -x direction, the +y direction is now -y direction, and the +b is now -b. the Z and A axes are still correct. I have tried re-booting the machine, and resetting the keybinding for jogging. for example, I reset the left arrow on the keyboard as being the -x direction, and when I push the left arrow, the machine jogs in the +x direction.

Additionally, the machine seems to have forgotten its boundaries in every direction. When I jog the machine to its boundaries, it does not know when to stop, so it seems like it wants to continue past what the machine allows. Last time I homed the machine, I had an end mill in, and as it reached the +x boundary, the end mill crashed into the A table.

is there some kind of factory reset I can do? someone please help!

Hi Max,

The Main Board has become damaged and needs to be replaced. When a communication bus on the Main Board does not operate correctly, the software incorrectly identifies the machine as a V1 model. This is why the axes are operating backwards. Contact me at and we’ll get you squared away.