Update the V1 software

I have a V1 with original software and I want to upgrade to the webbased one according to this manual I need a updated Beaglebone board. Where can I get it or can I software upgrade the current one?

That document is now outdated. As of November 2021 we released Kinetic Control, which is our latest web based software. You can learn more about it here: https://pocketnc.com/pages/kineticcontrol

To upgrade, you can order a microSD card that you insert into your existing BeagleBone here: https://pocketnc.com/products/kinetic-control-update

is only a paid upgrade possible? A update to the previous version would do

ps: is it still possible to upgrade the hardware to V2 and will it include the latest software?

Hi DJ,

Correct, to upgrade to Kinetic Control is a paid upgrade. Once you upgrade you can get the improvements to that software for free. There is a lot of added functionality which took half a year of development time, so that is why this is paid. If you upgrade from a V1 to a V2 model it will include the latest software.


Hi Kerry,

What I meant is: can I upgrade the machinekit version to 4.8 (so pre-kinetic)? Or is that also a upgrade I need to buy?

I really want to consider the kinetic in the future, I think its indeed a good added value

Hi DJ,

Yes, there are likely ways to upgrade your machine to software version 4.8.1. I will need some additional information about your machine and we will need to work through a few processes together. Please reach out to me at service@pocketnc.com or this link and we can discuss the details and options.

Thank you,
Matt Rounds
Applications Engineer, Pocket NC