V2-10 spindle motor temperature, how hot is too hot?

I am trying to determine what is considered a normal operating temperature for the spindle motor body?

I am also trying to determine an optimal feed/speed recipe for 6061 Aluminium? Other than the initial feed/speed chart referenced below, I cannot find much for the V2-10.

I am also trying to determine if 4 hours is an acceptable tool path duration for a 2d Facing operation to clear away a 2" x 1.75" x .25" section of stock? (I will share the .f3d if someone cares to review it)

Based on the V2-10 specs, it is using a BLDC 3 Phase with Hall Feedback spindle motor.

This is the best reference I can find for the motor specs. BLDC 3 Phase with Hall Feedback

On pages 17-18, the max temperature listed is 80 Celsius / 176 Fahrenheit.

Using a Fluke - 62 mini IR Thermometer, I am getting a continuous reading of 135 Fahrenheit on the spindle motor side body.

I have tested with many DOC/WOC variations while milling 2" x 2" 6061 Aluminum stock and Datron single flute 3mm bit purchased from the pocketnc store.

Test variations based on initial feeds/speeds chart.

8500 spindle speed
0.0008 (in) feed per tooth and using climb for tool direction
feed rate = 6.8 inpm
tool path = 2d Facing

Test 1
WOC = 10%, DOC = 90%
Observations = Very Loud!!!, the spindle chatters 3 or 4 times per each 2 inch line run, the final surface finish of the resulting face is rough with cut line pattern very jagged. Spindle body temp = 135 Fahrenheit.

Test 2
WOC = 10%, DOC = 50%
Observations = Not as loud, the spindle has only chattered once or twice during a multi step down facing operation (4 hours). The final surface finish of the resulting face is smooth and cut line patterns are all parallel with no noticeable jaggedness. Spindle body temp = 135 Fahrenheit.

Any tips or course correction that the community or pocketnc staff can offer would be much appreciated. This is one of the most expensive desktop hobbies that I have invested in and I really don’t want to be disappointed. :slight_smile: with the investment.

Hi Ryan,

The spindle temps you are seeing are not concerning and track right along with what we would expect.

As far as speeds and feeds go, I do not have any proven recipes (that are documented at least) for that combination of tool and material, but it seems like you are about right. If you are looking to decrease run time, I would stick with your WOC and DOC for now and just work up your feed rate (using the override sliders in the UI) to see if you can go a little faster.

I hope this helps!

Q Rothing

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Hi Q,

This is very helpful and thank you for confirming on the spindle temps as that was my main question. I do realize that feeds and speeds is a bit of a science and art to find the “sweet spot”. I really appreciate everything that you folks are doing at pocketNC.


I am glad I could help, Ryan!

Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.


Hi Ryan,
For facing aluminum on the V2-10 I’ve seen really good results using a larger diameter Datron 4-in-1 single flute tool. The larger diameter really speeds up the operation. The op above takes a little under 2 minutes to complete using the recipe below.

Tool: Datron 5mm 4-in-1 single flute, part # 0068805A. (6mm shank so you’ll need a metric ER-11
collet for this tool)
Material: 6061 Aluminum (2"x1.75")
Speeds/Feeds: 10000 rpm, 13.78 in/min feed rate, 0.002 inch DOC, 95% stepover (95 percent of tool

Cut sounds really nice and that tool leaves an outstanding finish too. Take a look at one of my earlier instagram posts to see (and hear) the results in a similar sized piece of aluminum (1.75x1.75", link below)
ekramer3 Instagram Post - Aluminum facing on the PNC V2-10

-all the best, Ed

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Hi Ed,

I can’t thank you enough for this feedback! Heading to the Datron and PocketNC web stores now. I will share my results when able. I expect it to hum like the video you posted. If it does, do you happen to use the PocketNC enclosure? If yes, and you need a solution for lighting, I would be happy to make you a set of these if you are interested.


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Hi Ryan,
My V2-10 is in the standard beige Pocket NC enclosure in the video I linked to earlier. And thank you for the lighting solution offer but I already have a LED lighting setup in there that I came up with myself way back in 2017 that worked out great. (link here)

-thanks, Ed

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Hi Ed,

Would you look at that :slight_smile: ! I did not take notice to your enclosure from the video, apologies. Thanks again for sharing, and I look forward to sharing more tips/tricks throughout the journey. Looks like you have a few years of a head start on me.


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I have an additional question: Shall the V2-10 motor temperature be shown in the web interface ?
I added a fan to the back of the motor, as I have the feeling I could probably increase the livetime…

We have not seen any issues with heat reducing the life of the V2-10 spindle but it certainly never hurts to keep things cooler!

Adding a temp gauge to the UI of the V2-10 is not something we will likely do anytime soon as it is not a value we care to keep track of at this point in time.